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AFI Portable Buildings Information Sheet

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Accommodation Solutions Catalogue

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Aylward Fibreglass is a
Licensed Manufacturer for
Eastern Canada

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AFI Portable Buildings


Standard Features:

  • R30 Rated Buildings – Including Floors
  • Seamless "Mono-Shell" Construction
  • Steel Security Door
  • 2 Single Hung 2' x 3' Vinyl Windows
  • 2 Banks of 4' High Efficiency T8 Lighting
  • 4 Strategically Placed Double Wall Sockets
  • Electrical Panel and Mast
  • Solar Vents
  • Open Concept Floor Plan
  • Washable Bright Off-white Composite Wall Coverings Throughout
  • Washable Mono-surfaced Slip Resistant Floor
  • Off-white and Custom Colour Exteriors
  • Manufacturer's Warranty


  • 4 to 6 Weeks

Optional Features:

  • Customized Interior Floor Plan
  • Enhanced Security Package
  • Washroom Configurations
  • Trailer Undercarriage
  • Marine Grade Power Receptacle with Adapter

Standard Sizes:

  • 8' x 16'
  • 8' x 24'
  • 10' x 20'
  • 10' x 24'
  • Custom Sizes Available

Suggested Applications:

  • Site or Remote Work Space
  • Site or Remote Living Space
  • Portable Training or Classroom
  • Disaster Relief Housing
  • Temperature Controlled Storage Space (Warm or Cold)

Gallery of Design Concepts – click the images for a larger view.

AFI Portable Buildings are the Answer!

When you need a structure for work, accommodation or temperature controlled storage, the durable road rugged construction of an AFI Portable, makes it the perfect solution for any application. No matter how harsh the conditions, AFI Portables won't let you down. They move from climate to climate, site to site with ease while always retaining their structural integrity.

Set Up is a Breeze!

An AFI Portable is easy to level because the rigid design always keeps the base square and true. Racking is no longer a concern. No need to skirt the structure as the floor is made from the same 3"inch panels that give the rest of the building an exceptional R30 rating. And the electricity will be on quickly because every afi-portable-buildings-8x16AFI Portable comes equipped with an electrical panel and mast for easy service hook ups. But if the location is remote and generators are the only source of power, a marine standard receptacle and adaptor is easily factory installed as an optional fitting.

Efficient Comfortable Working and Living!

AFI Portable Buildings are so efficiently designed that they stay warm when heated and comfortable when cooled at a fraction of the cost when compared to standard portables. No need to waste money trying to keep a comfortable environment when all you need is a portable HVAC unit (not included) to provide just the right conditions for working or living. AFI Portable Buildings are designed to be efficient, low maintenance structures to provide space that people enjoy, no matter what the conditions are outside.

Bright, Durable Interiors!

AFI portables are easy to maintain and keep clean. All interior surfaces are finished with stain and soil resistant innovative washable compounds. The bright off-white (standard) wall coverings make an AFI Portable a more pleasant work space while keeping everyone safe with the mono-surfaced durable non-skid floor.

Excellent Return On Investment!

AFI Portable Buildings are manufactured and assembled from innovative materials that will not rot, mold, rust or provide inhabitable conditions for destructive insects and pests. Climate and seasonal weather changes cause no harmful effects to the integral structure of an AFI Portable. Light weight composition provides transportation and installation cost savings with every move. The exceptional product life and low maintenance costs of an AFI Portable Building provides an excellent investment decision for any application.

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