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Welcome to Aylward Fibreglass

Aylward Fibreglass Vessels are renowned for Quality, Durability, Seaworthiness, Excellence in hull Design, Structural Detail and overall Performance in the commercial fishery.  As a company, we take great pride in extending Atlantic Canada's long tradition of boat building into the modern age through the use of our Advanced Molding Technology. Each hull is produced using an Engineered Laminate Design for the Ultimate Product. This Laminate Design exceeds Transport Canada Marine Safety standards. The result of over 30 years experience building superb quality hulls, combined with our Modern day Engineered Laminate Design yields hulls which have made a Dramatic Difference in the ability of our fishermen to fish in more Severe Weather and Carry larger loads. We deliver a very attractive total cost of ownership which is essential to commercial success. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.



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