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Grizzly Hulls


With a yacht like finish and unmatched stability, Aylward has raised the bar to give fishermen a boat that not only looks great, but handles even better.  The smooth lines and deep forefoot ensure Grizzlies push easier through the water which results in greater speed, better fuel economy and superior stability.  The Grizzly hull is the real deal which has been engineered and tested as a full fifty footer. Actually the bow of our Grizzly is engineered to support a 65 footer at 29 feet wide. we have done our homework . We have done our engineering. We are the Grizzly.... if you're gonna be a Bear....you might as well be a Grizzly!


Today's common 45 foot Cape Island design has evolved from 36 - 40 foot hulls.  Their sterns are wider than their midship.  They are adding pieces to hulls after molding from the smaller molds to make wider and longer hulls.  This just produces hulls with poor performance and structural integrity. The Grizzly is fully Engineered, Designed and molded in an actual fifty foot mold. There is no Secondary Bonding or (pieces being added on) that are subject to failure.


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