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Fibreglass Services

Fibreglass: It's What We Do!

Aylward Fibreglass has adopted the Vacuum Infusion Process in its manufacturing practice.   VIP involves laying out all dry goods necessary into the mould of a part, including fibreglass, as well as any core material. The materials are covered with a translucent "bag", locked to an airtight seal.   Then, 14.7 PSI of controlled vacuum is introduced causing resin to distribute evenly among the layers of dry material. Vacuum Infused parts are lighter in weight and much stronger than traditional hand-laid fibreglass.

Aylward the Fibreglass Experts:

  • Vacuum Infusion for better glass to resin ratio and a superior fibreglass product
  • We can cost effectively build moulds for boats and/or parts
  • Outstanding quality control and client service
  • Convenient logistics
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Competitive pricing increases your bottom line
  • Quick product turnover
  • We stock moulds to build 45' to 65' hulls
  • Save Time and Expense: why invest in expensive equipment when you can outsource to the fibreglass experts?


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