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About Us


To provide hard working fishermen with a boat that complements their life style. We have raised the bar to give our clients the best. You can have another "Certified" finishing shop complete your boat or have us provide you with a turn key product. Not all finishing shops are "Certified" to finish our hulls. We only sell hulls to other Top Quality Builders.


Quality components and workmanship translate into low maintenance and safer boats for our clients. With our  Advanced Molding technology, we produce custom vessels that are lighter, more fuel efficient, safer and faster. 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live their dreams.   For this reason, our boats remain sensibly priced.   Contact us today for a quotation.   Let's build a new adventure together.


The competetion have been trying to modify their hulls to compete with the Grizzly by producing fifty footers from these original 40 foot molds. They are adding pieces to hulls after molding from the smaller molds to make wider and longer hulls.  All they are producing are 50 foot wedge like shapes with the same original 40 foot bow because they can't change that shape.  They can only widen the midship and the stern. This just produces hulls with poor performance and structural integrity. The Grizzly is fully Engineered, Designed and molded in an actual fifty foot mold. There is no Secondary Bonding or (pieces being added on) that are subject to failure.  The Grizzly hull is the real deal which has been engineered and tested as a full fifty footer. Actually the bow of our Grizzly is engineered to support a 65 footer at 29 feet wide. we have done our homework , we have done our engineering, and we continue to out sell the competion.  If you're gonna be a Bear....you might as well be a Grizzly!


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